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Preparation and Safety for Hurricane Season

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It’s that time of year again, when the Sunshine State isn’t always so sunny. With the likelihood of a shining sun over your roof and a heavy rainfall across the street – you can officially say hello to the unpredictable mix of weather that we experience here in Southwest Florida. With that being said, Hurricane season is here – beginning on June 1. Don’t wait until a hurricane warning to get your emergency supplies, stock up in advance to ensure your families safety.

Supplies to buy:
• A 3-day supply of water and food for each person.
• Flashlights and extra batteries.
• First aid kit and medications as needed for a 7-day supply.
• Sanitation and personal hygiene products.
• Battery powered radio.
• Back up cell phone chargers and list of emergency contact information.
• All needed baby and pet supplies.
• Camera for photos of damage.

Actions to take prior to storm:
• Stay up to date on weather reports.
• Restock all supplies needed.
• Bring in all loose items that can be picked up by the wind.
• Bicycles, lawn furniture, basketball hoops, etc..
• Fill your car’s gas tank.
• Create evacuation plan with members of your household.
• Properly install hurricane shutters on all windows and shut all doors.

All of these suggestions are highly encouraged from redcross.org. Prepare in advance by taking these actions and planning for all possibilities. Any damage caused from water can be covered by flood insurance, as well as other hurricane insurance options that will secure any repairs needed for your home or vehicles.

Representatives from Fahs Insurance have experiences numerous hurricanes’ first-hand and can’t stress enough the importance of early preparations for unpredictable storms. Fahs Insurance is offering their expertise to help you find the plan that best suits your home and auto safety needs in the event of a hurricane.

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